Basic Vastu expertise (BVE)

Let’s compare BVE with going to a doctor.
You pass tests, talk about your symptoms, pass tests on various high-precision equipment, and based on this, the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, or reassure you by saying that you are healthy.
Basic Vastu expertise includes a complete analysis of all the characteristics of the property.
All positive and negative influences come to light.
What do you need for an order?

  1. Send us the layout of the property
  2. Take a satellite image to determine the ratio of the house to the compass points
  3. Be prepared to answer some questions during the examination process
    The basic expertise does not include recommendations to strengthen weaknesses.
    Depending on the number of orders, the average time for conducting Vastu expertise takes less than 24 hours.
    An example of the Basic Vastu expertise

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